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Mapping the Past with Linked Data in OpenHistoricalMap

Posted by Abbe98 on 26 March 2015 in English (English)

Proposing linked data tagging scheme:

Mapping the Past with Linked Data in OpenHistoricalMap

Location: 58.766, 17.019

Mapping the Past with OpenHistoricalMap and JOSM

Posted by Abbe98 on 3 March 2015 in English (English)

JOSM gives you the power to do OpenHistoricalMap mapping offline, use custom filters, use custom base maps without tools like Map Warper and much more.

Mapping the Past with OpenHistoricalMap and JOSM

Location: 58.766, 17.019


Posted by Abbe98 on 7 January 2015 in English (English)

I could not find any used solution for marking up information as hypothetical so I did it in my own way.

For dates OHM seams to use start_date/end_date(that's at least what I have been seeing).

So when I decided on how I would mark up hypothetical information I wanted to be flexible. I started with ohm:hypothetical, then follows the tag/key that's hypothetical. for example a hypothetical start_date would look like: ohm:hypothetical:start_date=yes this would also allow the value to be no for none hypothetical information.

The reason not to use ohm:hypothetical=<tag-name>" is that then you can't have more then one ohm:hypothetical tag(OSM does not allow duplicate keys).

Example uses:

  • ohm:hypothetical:name=yes
  • ohm:hypothetical:start_date=yes
  • ohm:hypothetical:end_date=no
  • ohm:hypothetical:landuse=yes
  • ...

For marking up a hypothetical location I can see two approaches one is to just have ohm:hypothetical:ohm:location=yes another is go with ohm:hypothetical=yes.

Another approach to the problem would be to just append the hypothetical key with :hypothetical or :verifiable,

If it does exist a common solution I can replace my one, but I could not find one...

Anyone else that have been marking up any data as hypothetical? How did you do this?

Feedback on this?

The tags start_date/end_date should they be ohm:start_date/ohm:end_date? They are OHM specific as far as I know.

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