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Time slider almost 4 years ago

Nice, I was looking in the north of stockholm and didn't see any sources/end_date in iD might have been my mistake. Probably an interface issue with iD or pebkac, because your relations for Botkyrka looks great. I still don't like having the year in the name, but I can also see the value in that.

I understand your point, I guess everyone has to find their own way at this moment in time. I believe it's probably easier to clone and remove stuff and use start/end on objects. The way of conditionalizing tags with years seems very hard to work with.

So the osm geomoetries and objects:

  • Election district 1 end_date=2013
  • Election district 2 end_date=2013

becomes the combined object:

  • Combined elections district start_date=2013

I'll have to say again that this is a nice project.

Time slider almost 4 years ago

But it's very nice to see data for Stockholm, and I could gladly help tracing stuff if you have sources of data.

Time slider almost 4 years ago

I would use the tags start_date=YEAR end_date=YEAR and also source=* so we can know how you found this data.