Map of Bologna in 1500

Posted by Mercury on 22 August 2018 in Italian (Italiano)

The intention of the the project is to realize a map, like modern web map, of Bologna between year 1495-1505, with its Palaces, Towers and other point of interest. Follow the bibliography. The main data are provided by (having permission) Others from the image of ancient maps

Bologna Editore :  Matteo Florimi forma (Siena) Data di edizione :  1500-1599 Public domain

Bononia : Vero Ritratto de la città de Bologna, co tutti gli nomi dele cose principali di essa como al presente si ritrova / per Claudio Duchetto, nepote di Ant. Lafreri. 1582 Data ed 1581-1602 Public domain

Location: 44.494, 11.342

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